Welcome to D.B.R.  

Owner Ricky Del Rosario serves clients in Sonoma and Marin Counties, helping to create beautiful decks and natural 
wood-sided homes. 
Having worked alongside veteran decking contractors for several years, Ricky learned and perfected the craft of wood preservation over the past 10 years. 

Benefits of Wood Preservation
Rain and sun are major causes of wood, concrete and masonry decay. It is important to protect surfaces against these natural elements, as well as the daily wear and tear of usage. By preserving your wood consistently, one protects and restores weathered wood during these environmental stresses. 

Our Procedures
D.B.R. performs several procedures during the refinishing process, in order to ensure the top-quality work customers expect. Our processes include: 

                                     *Wood cleaner or stripper
*Application of wood brightern
                                      *Application of mildecide
*Sanding of  flats & top caps
*Resetting of nails
*Application of stain/sealant